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Free Summer Camp Physicals

Methodist Family Health Center - Southwest Military Drive

507 St James, San Antonio, TX 78202

(210) 354-3911


Monday  8–11AM, 1–4PM

Tuesday  8–11AM, 1–4PM

Wednesday  8–11AM, 1–4PM

Thursday  8–11AM, 1–4PM

Friday  8–11AM, 1–4PM

Saturday  Closed

Sunday  Closed

All Scouts are required to get an annual physical prior to Summer Camp. Please note:

  • The official BSA Health Form, Parts A, B and C, is the only form that will be accepted. Please click here to print out this form. It is recommended you print out an extra copy.

  • Parents may fill out Parts A and B, but only a health care professional may fill out Part C.

  • School or prior physicals on other forms will not be accepted.

  • A number of clinics throughout San Antonio provide low-cost or free physicals for students and Scouts. If you are aware of others, please contact us so that we may list them here.

  • Your son's completed Health Form must be turned in to the Troop no later than 10 days prior to the beginning of summer camp.

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