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Mr. Tripp

A quality Scouting program begins with quality adult leadership. Troop 1021 is proud to have one of the most experienced and qualified groups of adult leaders in Scouting today. The leaders below have served as successful teachers, role models and mentors to literally thousands of Boy Scouts over the years. Please meet our Team below.





Troop 1021's founder, Mr. Tripp, is a life-long Scouter. An Eagle Scout, OA Vigil Honor Member, Vale' la Pena Award winner and two-time recipient of the District Award of Merit, Mr. Tripp also serves as the Troop photographer, webmaster and Camp Card Sadist.

Committee Chairman


Long-time Scouter and a founding member of Troop 1021, Mr. Hugh is both a Vale' la Pena and District Award of Merit winner. He conducts Boards of Review, gives merit badge classes and serves as the Troop Director of Procurement (gopher).

Mr. Hugh

Lead Assistant Scoutmaster

With Troop 1021 since day one, Mr. Arnie is an Eagle Scout and both a Silver Beaver and Vale' la Pena award winner. He also serves as the Troop's doctor, banker, short-stop and Director of Commissary Services. In his spare time, Mr. Arnie... Wait. Mr. Arnie has no spare time.

Mr. Arnie
The Walrus
Mr. Ray
Mr. Welsh

Assistant Scoutmaster


Mr. Welsh, is a life-long Scouter. an Eagle Scout, Silver Beaver, OA Vigil Honor Member, a District Award of Merit winner, a Distinguished Commissioner and past District Commissioner. Mr. Welsh also serves as Troop Astronomy Geek, and leads the Troop's Rodney Dangerfield fan club.

Assistant Scoutmaster


Mr. Ray is an Order of the Arrow member, a recipient of the Cimarron Trail Unit Award, and a past Cubmaster. Mr. Ray also serves as Troop snake catcher, fix-it man, Carbonated Beverage Steward, and Sr. Vice President of Trailer Logistics.

Committee Member


Mr. Barber, aka "The Walrus," is a life-long Scouter as well as an Eagle Scout, OA Vigil Honor Member, District Award of Merit winner and a recipient of the Distinguished Commissioner Award. The Walrus also serves as the Troop war hero, grandfather and Sr. Director of  Bloopage Technology. Plus he's older than dirt and snores bad.

Mr. Cesar Ponce
Mr. Luke
Your Name Here

Assistant Scoutmaster


Mr. Luke, the "young pup" of Troop 1021's adult leadership, is an Eagle Scout, a Cimarron Trail Unit Award winner and a OA Brotherhood Member. He also manages the BSA's Holloway Scout Shop in Corpus Christi, Texas. Mr. Luke also serves as a Troop Transportation Specialist. In his spare time he volunteers as a hair care product tester.

Scoutmaster Emeritus


Mr. Cesar Ponce, was an Eagle Scout, Silver Beaver, District Award of Merit winner, OA Vigil Honor Member, OA Centurion Award winner and Wood Badge Course Director. He was a prosperous engineer, a Deacon in the Catholic Church and a mentor to the boys and leaders of Troop 1021. Mr. Ponce left this Earth in 2015 to continue his work at a higher calling. We miss him fiercely.

Future Adult Leader


Interested in getting back into Scouting as an adult, or wanting to give things a try for the first time? Troop 1021 can use all sorts of help from the lowest personal commitment level on up. If interested, please drop us a line via our contact page. Baden Powell would be proud.

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