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Troop 1021 - An Unfolding Story

July 2014

In early July 2014, Eagle Scout Tripp Holmgrain awoke on a Saturday morning to a vision of a small, struggling church in need of assistance and repair.  That morning, set out to find that church. The rest is history...


  1. Mas Que Vencedores

  2. New Roof, media

  3. August 2014

  4. Middle School

  5. Recruiting august 27

  6. September 2014

  7. Recieves charter sep 1

  8. On the evening of Wednesday, September 3, 2014 at 7:00 PM in the Kingsborough Middle School Cafeteria, Troop 1021 held its inaugural meeting. a total of eight boys in attendance (Austin, Arnold, Angel, Aiden, Nicholas, Christian, Miguel and Reynaldo). boys in attendance:  .  and five adult leaders (Mr. Tripp, Mr. Luis, Mr. Aztec, Mr. Hugh Mr. Larry adults in attendance. Introductions made, Square knot, Scout Oath and Law, handshake, salute, Scout sign, ranks were reviewed.

  9. second recruiting night

  10. The Troop went on its first organized event - a tour of Sierra Industries, an aircraft repair and modification facility, located in Uvalde, Texas, about a 90 minute drive west of San Antonio. The boys got to sit in jet aircraft, inspect vintage warbirds up close (including a P-51), and look at memorabilia that had been to the moon. 9/19 all orig but aiden and miguel. adults tom marion tripp lary aztech

  11. October 2014

  12. 10/01 john from second recruiting night and chris (recruited by hugo). used new troop flag. demonstrated making hot chocolate, pitching a tent (three additional visitors)

  13. 10/09 - nathan gonzalez (1) joins the Troop

  14. 10/23 - poisonous plants class

  15. November 2014

  16. Still lacking the camping equipment to conduct a "proper" campout, Troop 1021 "camped" on the aircraft carrier USS Lexington in Corpus Christi, Texas. November1-2, the Troop

  17. USS Lexington Sleepover - First ever Troop campout. (one night camping).

  18. Class at HQ – McNulty and nurse

  19. McGimsey Campout – nov - cope (One night camping). postponed due to heavy thunderstorms so had class at scout service center with jerry and jeannie 11/22-23 attending were john, Chris, Arnold, Austin, Christian, Nicholas, Nathan.

  20. Thanksgiving meeting - Arnold - Meetings are the best part.

  21. December 2014

  22. 12/13-14Where and when was campout? campout at mcgimsey from postposted date of 11/22-23 (one night camping did cope and horseshoes.

  23. Cope, horseshoes, two nights camping

  24. Cit in World, mission san jose


  26. Christmas Party in the Kingsborough Cafeteria. Ms. Land and Ms. Moore brought Christmas cookies and punch. – dec



  1. January 2015

  2. Jan 3 Hugo Chris san jose misson trip

  3. 1/10 hugh rote taught Cit in world to Austin, Chris, John and Arnold at mission san jose library

  4. In January, the Troop ventured to Bear Creek Scout Reservation, just west of Hunt, Texas to attended the Diamondback District Freeze-O-Ree, as a tune-up to attending their own district's freeze-o-ree the following month. The Troop was the guest of, and camped with,  Troop 90 of Diamondback District. Despite the biting cold, the boys thoroughly enjoyed the event, the Freeze-O-Ree competitions, and getting to meet and interact with other Scouts. They attended their first Order of the Arrow call-out ceremony and even brought home a blue participation ribbon to hang on the wall. With no more than t-shirts and hoodies, the highlight of the weekend was "surviving" the 26-degree cold Saturday night (all seven boys who attended slept in one tent) and each boy earning the right to wear the coveted Polar Bear patch!

  5. February 2015

  6. Troop 1021 adult leaders attended their first ever Cimarron District Awards Banquet, and were recognized for their hard work with the Troop. Mr. Arnie, Mr Hugh, Mr. Miranda and Mr. Tripp All won Cimarron the Trail Unit Award and Mr, Tripp was awarded Scoutmaster of the Year.

  7. Fish stocking McGimsey Pond with 150 catfish, 200 Hybrid Perch and 3,000 fathead minnows. Mr. Tripp and Mr. Welsh 2/07

  8. Painting MB Mcgimsey at the OA Lodge, taught by Bo Jackson. Power washed, stripped and painted the camp's pump house and painted the interior of the media studio. 2/14

  9. patrol flag 2/25

  10. Cimarron Freeze-O-Ree - McGimsey Won first place. Pizza party to celebrate. 2/27-3/01

  11. March 2015

  12. March campout Mcgimsey fire building 3/13-15

  13. March 19 - Astronomy Merit Badge Class taught by Tom Welsh at McGimsey OA Lodge.

  14. April 2015

  15. OA centennial – Ajani, Chris, Jacob, Nathan and one other 4/18

  16. Fishing MB at little church with sleep-over 4/25-26

  17. May 2015

  18. Woodlawn lake fishing trip 5/03. Only thing we caught were a crayfish and a turtle too hungry for his own good.

  19. The Troop attended its first Merit Badge University at N.W. Vista Community College 5/09

  20. Indian lore mb with cesar ponce – little church 5/23

  21. new stuff from 296 - 5/31

  22. July 2015

  23. Summer camp bear creek 7/05-11  Chris, Austin, Jacob D., Jacob H. Arnold, Ajani, Austin, Juan, Luis, Alex, Hugo. All boys attended the Ranger Program. Highlights were zipline, the shotgun and rifle ranges, and believe it or not, the food at the dining hall, which was surprisingly good - even to the adults!

  24. conclave 7/17-19

  25. August 2015

  26. Toyota tour 8/07 ?

  27. Missions baseball game 8/05 Missions won, game went into extra innings, Met our new DE Jericho Talusan for the first time.

  28. new troop home 8/15 Moved to Aldersgate United Methodist Church, located at 502 Kayton Avenue in San Antonio. Was to be their home for the next 20 months.

  29. bsa museum, texas rangers 8/29-30

  30. September 2015

  31. troop bday 9/02 - The Troop celebrated its first birthday with cake and refreshments.

  32. Aldersgate landscaping project 9/05

  33. Mcgimsey fishing campout 9/11-13


  35. New home – aldersgate 9/20


  37. Troop library created

  38. October 2015

  39. Aviation mb 10/04 Hallmark College of Aviation in San Antonio. Taught by an actual Southwest Airlines' Pilot. Paper airplane contest.

  40. Troop bday

  41. luis birthday / cesar ponce visit 10/7

  42. Archery mb at mays and campout 10/16-18

  43. Ut game with Austin luis and gordo 10/24

  44. Airshow at afb 11/0, Thunderbirds.

  45. November 2015

  46. Mbu 11/07

  47. Mcgimsey campout 11/20-22

  48. Cesar ponce visit 11/22. OA Centurion award given to Cesar. This would be the last time Cesar would see any of the boys of Troop 1021.

  49. lounge created 11/27

  50. December 2015

  51. camp-in 12/13-14 - movies, games and rank advancement.

  52. christmas party 12/16

  53. Cesar Ponce passed away xx/xx/xxxx.

  54. cesar funeral12/18-19

  55. Cesar ponce lounge – ponce ball


  1. January 2016

  2. Cim awards 1/09


  4. Castroville historic tour 1/09


  6. el rancho cima 1/15-17 - first campout for The Walrus


  8. Astronomy class at mays (other class at OA lodge) 1/23


  10. db awards 1/28. Tripp DAN, Arnie award the prestigious Silver Beaver Award. Luke, Aztec, Tom won CUA


  12. oa banquet 1/30

  13. February 2016

  14. Cim FOR Austin oa 2/05-07


  16. Astronomy at mays


  18. Aldersgate sign removal project 2/13


  20. Camp cards 2/27


  22. March 2016

  23. Mcgimsey co sheds 3/19-20


  25. April 2016

  26. Cypress run 4/08-10


  28. Flyers 4/30


  30. May 2016

  31. Big lous 5/15


  33. Camp-in 5/20-21


  35. June 2016

  36. McGimsey Pool party 6/08 for selling the most camp cards in the Council. 3200 goal. 4.100 cards and set the council record


  38. Mcgimsey – first yeti 6/17-19 Because he is tall, is hairy, and lives in the woods.

  39. July 2016

  40. Summer camp at bear creek 7/10-7/16


  42. conclave 7/15-17

  43. August 2016

  44. Lexington 8/13-14

  45. September 2016

  46. Troop bday 9/07


  48. Tripp bday 9/21


  50. first aid class with jasmine rosser 9/24-25


  52. fall cypress creek campout 9/30-10/02

  53. October 2016

  54. Coker park campout 10/22-24. See Troop 285 Scout building and tour of Coker Cemetary. name other activities.


  56. OA fall fellowship 10/22-24 Held at Bear Creek. Cesar Ponce's shield presented by Tripp and Tom. Mr. Tripp bestowed the Vigil Honor. Mr. Tom and The Walrus there.

  57. November 2016

  58. Nico eagle project 11/12


  60. Nat shooting and polar bear 11/19-21

  61. December 2016

  62. Canyon lake campout 12/9-11


  64. nico Eagle board 12/15


  1. January 2017

  2. Jan campout mcgimsey 1/20-22

  3. Db awards 1/27

  4. Oa banquet 1/28

February 2017

Cim awards 2/11


Mountain man at bear creek 2/17-19


gordo camp card to police chief - 2/24

March 2017

Camp cards 3/04


March cypress creek 3/24-26. Swimming, kayaking and trout fishing in beautiful Medina River. Nilgai burgers. Few trout were biting. Mr. Tripp, Mr. Tom and the Walrus all accompanied Hugo to his OA call-out ceremony back at Camp McGimsey. Ate at Chili's in Boerne on the way back to Cypress Run. (Two nights camping).

April 2017

Oa induction at Camp McGimsey - Luke, Matt, Luis, Gordo, Hugo and Mr. Ray. All successfully completed their Ordeal and had sashing ceremony Saturday afternoon. That evening there were games in the Sports Court and movie. Congratulations to all six. 4/7-9 (Two nights camping).

Camp-in at HPLC 4/21-22 (One night camping).

Battle of flowers parade march 4/28? How long did last? Got to carry a huge American Flag.


May 2017

Campout on the south side of Canyon lake. Boys camped on the water's edge. On Saturday canoed 4 miles down the Guadalupe approx 3.5 hours. 9 scouts and 5 adults attended.  Ate lunch on a sandbar. Saturday night camp fireThe Walrus, 5-12/14 Brandon, Nathan G., Luis, Hugo, Gordo, Jaymez, Jesse, Nathan T., and Matt. Arnie, Tom, Ray and Walrus. (Two nights camping).

OA Induction and Ordeal May 21-23. Nicolas Miller inducted as an Ordeal Member

Mr. Walrus and Mr. Tripp attend NRA Rifle Instructor training at Lost Pines.


Four new boys joined the Troop in May: Joseph, Jesse, Aston and Ethan.

Ajani Aztecatl rejoined the Troop.

JUNE 2017

The Troop finished strong in its 2017 Camp Card sales effort, selling over 300 cards in a half-day effort on June 3, at Walmart on South I-35. This brought the year's total to 5,221 cards, for a more than 25% increase over 2016. Troop 1021 finished first in the Council, and set the all-time Council sales record for a second year in a row!!  Congratulations guys and a big thank you to all the adults who helped with the Camp Card sales effort this year. .

June 10 found the boys at the Camp McGimsey pool completing their swim checks. We had a very high percentage of boys achieve the level of "Swimmer" this year.  The down note was Mr. Welsh experiencing chest pains while at the pool causing him to visit the hospital later in the day. In what may have been a blessing in disguise, Mr. Welsh learned he had experienced a minor heart attack and ended up having two stents put into his heart later that week. Although Mr. Welsh was unable to attend summer camp, he did pass him swim check and made a complete recovery following surgery!

The Troop attended Circle Ten Council's Camp Constantin, 30 miles west of Mineral Wells, TX from June 11-17, Overall it was a fantastic experience. Attending were Scouts  Ethan B., Aston A., Nathan G., Nathan T., Kane G., Gordo (Happy Meal) W., Jose P., David R., Brandon B., Jaymez B., Luke A.,  Ajani A., and adults Mr. Arnie, Mr. Ray, Mr. Luke, Mr. Armenta, the Walrus and Mr. Tripp.

The waterfront was wonderful, the dining hall spectacular, and the weather was hot. Many merit badges were earned, Luke A., completed his Scoutmaster Conference for Star, and Brandon B. completed his for First Class, and Mr. Luke and the Walrus complete their NRA Shotgun Instructor Training. Good work everyone!  Both adults and boys enjoyed camp so much, the decision was made to attend Constantin again in 2018. For those of you who missed it in 2017... You'll get another chance in 2018! 


On a somber note, Mr. Tripp's father passed away in Maryland on Friday, June 16, during summer camp. If it wasn't for his father, Dr. Floyd Harold Holmgrain, Jr., introducing his son to Scouting as a boy, Troop 1021 would have never been founded. Thank you Dr. Holmgrain, you will live on in the spirit of Trooop 1021!

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